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Child Haven Child Care is trained with expertise and experience in showing support and attention for your child’s needs.  We support the professional development of our teachers through early childhood education.  We encourage open communication with families in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.  Child Haven staff provides consistency that builds your child’s confidence and provides you with peace of mind.

Toddlers: (24 - 36 months)

Our staff understands the importance of helping toddlers become comfortable with whom they are and helping them become independent little individuals.  Behavior is closely tied to questions of independence and control. Our teachers help your toddler find appropriate ways to assert themselves by supporting their individuality, allowing choices, whenever possible, and by introducing social guidelines.

Child Haven Teachers offer toddlers experiences that support initiative, creativity, autonomy and self-esteem. They recognize that while striving to be independent and self-reliant, toddlers count on the understanding and attention of the adults who love them.

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten: (3 to 5 years)

From 3 to 5 years of age, children continue to develop in key cognitive areas. Our teachers promote a positive environment for learning.  They help the children learn how to establish positive relationships with adults and other children. Teachers support children's beginning friendships and encourage children to learn from teachers, parents, and each other. Each teacher contributes to the development of children's self-confidence and positive feelings toward learning by providing opportunities for them to accomplish meaningful tasks.  Teachers encourage participation in learning experiences where your child can succeed by being challenged.  Caring and loving teachers come to know each child well.  They design activities based on their knowledge of the individual child's differing abilities, developmental levels and approaches to learning. Teachers maintain a safe, healthy environment and careful supervision. Our teaching staff encourages children to develop skills they know will eventually help create their identity. They encourage the children to develop language and communication skills by talking with them throughout the day, speaking clearly, listening to their responses and providing opportunities for them to talk to each other. The pre-school teachers’ goals in this group are to address learning in all developmental areas. We strive to prepare this age group for primary education and insure our young ones are set to excel in kindergarten and beyond.

Teachers and Parents:

From toddler to school age, Child Haven recognizes the importance of having parents work in partnership with us. Teachers communicate on a daily basis with parents to build a mutual understanding, trust and ensuring the welfare and development of each child. Our staff listens carefully to our parents’ goals and preferences.


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